The week that was 29th – 2nd November 2018

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore, Weekend 3-4th November 2018

There was no let up after PLDC, no time to rest, as I took the opportunity of having a large part of my team in Singapore for PLDC, to have our own little inhouse “convention” which we dubbed KLDC. On Tuesday I was already off to Kuala Lumpur to be a guest speaker at the Smart Building Conference. The week ended with some more LDoT meetings in our office taking advantage of Ingmar’s presence in Singapore.

With our project design teams from Australia, Indonesia and Singapore all in Singapore to attend the landmark PLDC, the first time ever in Asia, we followed up on Sunday and Monday with our own strategy and future planning meeting and workshop. It was great to have a big part of our teams together allowing many of them to meet each other in person for the first time. We debriefed PLDC and brought everyone up to speed with the progress of our LDoT platform. We had our professional business trainer Mark Stuart conduct a workshop to help develop new ideas and approaches for the future of the company. Mark, who has been training our Singapore team for the last 1-2 years, delivered his skills in usual style, with a good dose of humour. We also took the opportunity to have Xicato’s Roger Sexton, update the team on the latest smart and IoT ready systems. It was a great motivational experience, and after both PLDC and KLDC we all left in high spirits for the future!

Smart Building Conference
When I accepted the invitation to speak at this conference I did this with the knowledge that it would be something out of my regular speaking commitments which generally are those organised by the lighting or design related industry. This conference had nothing to do with lighting and everything with governments, companies and institutions involved in making our world, their world smarter. It was a refreshing change to speak to a room full of facilities managers, system engineers, government officials and developers rather then architects, interior designers and people from the lighting industry. In fact, I was the only lighting person in the room and my LDoT presentation was an eye opener for everyone attending and the response very positive…The diversity of the speakers was also well balanced from very diverse backgrounds, from blockchain technologies to hacker techniques. In fact the cyber security presenter did a live demo on stages hacking into one of the major banks in India showing how easy it is to hack…a chilling demo! It just reinforced the notion that privacy and cyber security in our new world of IoT will be so important…a great conference…

LDoT in Luminous Magazine

The magazine editor sent me a proof print this week to share the article that has been put together to report on our round the table conference about Lighting Design of Things that was held in Amsterdam earlier in September and on which I reported previously.

Smart LED wristbands
Finally I was attended by my daughter last week about the smart wristbands that were used in a Taylor Swift concert that she attended recently. Those who attend her concerts are issued a smart blue-tooth enabled LED wristband that is activated, synergised and coordinated with the stage show and her songs. It seems a typical example of smart lighting communication, an exponent of Bluetooth technology, and smart visible light communication. The LED wrist band can also be controlled by a mobile app…

Have a great weekend… I certainly need the break after an intensive couple of weeks!



03. November 2018 by Martin Klaasen
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