The power of communication

Shanghai 17th November 2009

China or at least Shanghai, has officially declared that winter has arrived! When temperatures drop below 10 degrees for 5 consecutive days it is a sign that winter has officially begun. It has obviously arrived early this year! In China they dont go by date, winter arrives when it is cold, makes sense, right?!

My thought for the day is about the power of communication. While it is a subject that applies to all facets of life (specifically in personal relationships!) it is of extreme importance in our daily work as lighting designers. And when I talk about communication I mean the clarity of communication. Just sending out some lighting plans to a client without proper explanation, does not mean all is clear. We too often assume the other party understands and knows what it is all about. My point of view (through bitter experience…) is: “never assume anything!” Communicate with you staff, communicate with your fellow project consultants, communicate with your clients! By being clear and having common understanding you put yourself in a powerful position to complete the lighting projectwith everyones support… or at least understanding. You can always agree to disagree and then take decisions accordingly. When people dont know they always assume the worst. I found in my projects that clear communication is one of the most powerful tools to the success of a project!

17. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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