Light and glass

Shanghai, 16th November 2009

Another day in China… winter is really approaching fast with temperatures dropping well below 10 degrees Celsius in Shanghai. Watching TV at times can be a good alternative to going out in the cold.. If you don’t have cable, there are not many English – Chinese TV channels in China, CCTV 9 and ICS (International Channel Shanghai) are the two that can be received in Shanghai. On ICS I watched a program called Getaway which was showcasing Venice in Italy and of course its famous Murano glass.

Besides that glass is an amazing invention (does anybody know who invented glass?), it is a material and component that has become integral to many lighting applications and design concepts. It is the window to day light; it is used as protection cover in luminaires or a component in lanterns and chandeliers. It’s translucency can be varied from clear to opaque and even be colored to desire. Now with the advent of LED technology, the integration of glass and light (think of Ingo Maurer!) has created even more opportunities for lighting designers. As part of our design skills it is important that we integrate our knowledge of light and materials, specifically translucent and reflective materials.

16. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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