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Shanghai, 18th November 2009

As I am preparing to travel back to the humid heat of Singapore, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to PLDA/Via-Verlag for hosting this blog. As of today I am featuring proudly on the PLD website! This blog project has now officially been launched in lighting design world…it is a bit daunting but I believe I am up to the challenge of producing an etry on a daily basis for the next year despite my hectic schedule. I may face some challenges to post my blog from remote site locations, but if that happens I will still write the blog and post it at the next possibility. I have no idea what to expect but will let the daily events and feedbacks guide the further development of the blog.

This is a good occasion to highlight the importance of education and creating awareness of the benefits of better lighting. PLDA has been doing an amazing job in promoting lighting and lighting design since its inception and people like myself, who have been in the lighting design business for so long (for me 30 years now!) should rise to the education challenge. We have the task to educate our new generation of lighting designers by sharing our knowledge with them. We should never be afraid to share. To our own  people or with our clients. I believe this blog offers a great platform towards awareness and education.

18. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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