Professional indemnity insurance

Singapore, 19th November 2009

Today one of my meetings  was with our insurance agent, as our insurances are up for renewal. As a professional practice it is important to have your insurances in place. Besides the straight forward office insurances, the most important one is the so called professional indemnity insurance. The work that we do as lighting designers is a responsible one in most cases. In other words like architects and other professional engineers, our work must be of a publicly safe quality standard.

We are sometimes called in as expert lighting advisers when accidents happen that may have been caused by “bad” lighting conditions. Recently we had such case on a mining site in Australia. A worker had died through accident during his night shift. There was reason to believe that “bad” lighting was the cause and we were called in to investigate and report back to the company lawyers. In another case I am aware of a chandelier that came down from the ceiling of a hotel due to poor quality of installation. While we have a whole list of probable reasons why it is not the cause of our lighting design specifications, we have to be professionally insured against such cases where poor lighting design may be at the root of an accident.

19. November 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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