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I started my lighting design career in 1979 (yes, more than 30 years ago!) with Philips Lighting Design & Engineering Centre in Eindhoven, Holland. In 1988 I was sent out to set up the Philips project lighting design center in Asia, based in Singapore, but in 1991 I left and started my own business, Lumino Design International, on the back of my first breakthrough project, becoming one of the three lighting designers for the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, at the time the highest building in the world. In 1997, with the asian economy crash, I moved to Australia and successfully built Lighting Images to be a reputable lighting design practice with projects throughout Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific. As of the 1st January this year 2011 I will work exclusively through my new company KLD (Klaasen Lighting Design) to apply and express my passion for lighting design.
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  1. Good day Mr. klaasen,

    I am Rudy de Guzman, features editor of Saiber Media Inc., a newly formed web-based publishing company. We are in the process of creating our site and the magazine entitled Philippine Construction & Design to come out by July 2012. I missed your talk at the recent 14th Worldbex Expo and I would like to write about it in my article about the 14th Worldbex event. If I may humbly ask your permission for me to highlight some information about your lecture and request kindly if you can provide me a transcript of your speech during the seminar in Manila. I am hopeful you can accommodate my request. Thank you very much.

  2. Goo day Mr. Klaasen,

    I am Martin Zhu from Stanley Electric Ltd. Stanley is Japan-based main LED lighting manufacturer. I would like to introduce our particular LED floodlight to you which you may have interested. I have already sent product brochures to your email and hopefully you will have a look accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need any further information. Thank you very much.

  3. I love that your basic premise is that Lighting design is based on our subjective perceptions and needs. I just started reading your blogs and thank you so much for your insights. I realize Codes are driven by measurements not mindfulness but perhaps in our future we may find middle ground.
    I have specified Dimming Controls for several New Construction projects and also provide metrics to tune much of the lighting zones to 65-75% after measuring foot candles. Layouts were based on LRV of 80-50-30 but the interior designers selected colors with 76/76 on ceilings and walls. Client & operations types eyes glaze over when I express that accurate surface LRV is a huge item that can reduce or increase design w/ft2 or lux/m2. Thank you again!

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