EP01 Welcome to the Light Talk Podcast

In this episode, recorded 6th Jan, Martin welcomes you to the new year which is 2020 & the new way of sharing his insights, as well as what can be expected in the lighting design industry this coming year.

An award winning lighting designer, Martin runs the widely acclaimed lighting design practice Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD), with presences throughout Asia, Australia and Europe.  Many of his projects are featured in articles and magazines.  The book ‘Light Talk: A Year in the Life of Light’ was a compilation of his blogs which he started writing in 2009.  Similarly, ‘Light Talk 2: 16 Years in the Life of Light’ is a compilation of 16 years worth of Martin writing in Lighting Today Magazine about world actualities in the lighting industry.  

Practically from the beginning Martin has been sharing his insights and views about the lighting design industry with his readers and on how the industry has evolved right from the early days of LED technology making its way into our daily life up to the new smart world we live in today.  Continuing where he left off, here Martin has evolved to recording video (vlog) and podcast versions in 2020.   

28. February 2020 by Martin Klaasen
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