Winter Olympics 2010

Perth, 13th February 2010

Aren’t we working in an extraordinary environment as lighting designers? I have just watched the opening ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and it is without doubt that lighting was the key component in this amazing visual show. I like to venture that the complete Canadian stock of theatrical lights, moving heads, intelligent  LED lights was in that stadium for the opening ceremony! On top of that every member of the surely more than 50,000 strong public was given an LED candle which transformed the arena in a sea of twinkling lights during the spectacle. Being held indoors for the first time in Olympic history the contained venue was obviously ideally suitable for the creation of the magical lighting effects produced.

A sequence of amazing visual sceneries including swimming Orca’s, rising trees and mountains depicted Canadian life, history and culture, brought to life and made possible only by the latest lighting projection technologies. The way the whole venue was integrated was well done. I personally liked the plays with light and shadow from the illuminated shadow projections in the public stands to the dueling light and shadow projections on the moon! My compliments to the lighting designers of this ceremony!

So, let the games begin! With my multi cultural back ground I will have many countries to root for over the coming 2 weeks, but I will be rooting for the Dutch speed skating team first!  

PS: Interestingly I noted the Olympic rings appeared in white instead of their traditional 5 colours. Has the trend in LED, from RGB to white light, been elevated to become an Olympic standard? 🙂

13. February 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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