3D Video Mapping

Perth, 16th February 2010

New technologies are coming in fast and furiously and 3D Video mapping seems to be one of those technologies that is making its way into our lighting domain! Those who saw the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Vancouver a few days ago would have seen the amazing projections (like the swimming whales!) which are basically 3D Video projections. Till recently I would say that these kind of projections were limited to festivals and special art events, but I believe it won’t be long (if not already) before we can find this in permanent architectural installations.

I am currently trying to get my head around the equipment that is needed to create these images as well as the size and scale on which this can be performed. Judging from the opening ceremony this is quite sizable already. As with most modern technologies half the equipment will be hardware, the other half the software to control and program the lighting effects. But really the lighting effects created are only limited by your own imagination! So are the costs probably as well … 🙂

While the Olympic Games images are all copyright protected, I have found a link with a good example of 3D Video projections on buildings to stimulate your senses and show what is possible!

Have a look at à

16. February 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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