Architainment Lighting

Australia-Singapore, 11th January 2010

As I am on my way from Australia to Singapore I am reflecting on the differences and similarities between countries in the world. What seem to be common in most developed nations is that the summer is the time for outdoor activities, outdoor events. The Australian summer, like the European summer is the time for festivals and outdoor community events. Outdoor open air cinema’s, outdoor music and theatre performances are enjoying enthusiastic public attendances. But also you will find lighting, as in sound and light shows, organized for people to enjoy the coolness of the night.

This brings me to my subject which I call “Architainment Lighting”. I have written about this before in my column in Lighting Today magazine. It is about the gradual merger of architectural lighting and lighting for entertainment.  There used to be a distinctive difference between architectural lighting and lighting for show and events specifically in the lighting technology used. Also architectural lighting is about lighting the space while show and event lighting is mostly about lighting the performers…read people.

But with the lighting technology becoming similar for both applications (think LED, color changing, multi media, DMX, etc) one can see that the applications are gradually blurring into each other.

Architectural lighting is no longer simply about lighting buildings, creating lighting levels. Stage lighting is no longer simply about lighting performers on a stage. Performances and architecture are merging. More and more we are creating a stage to enjoy life! Lighting to entertain people in an architectural environment…

11. January 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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