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Thusrday 29th October 2009, Berlin

Today was the first day of the Professional Lighting Design Convention in Berlin, the second edition after the inaugural and historical first one was held in London in 2007. The convention offers an array of different subject presentations ranging from lighting application case studies, daylighting and sustainability (a big issue in regards to climate change!), lighting design and research as well as practiacl issues regarding running a professional lighting design practice.

A bit about myself… my name is Martin Klaasen and I have been in lighting design for 30 years now. I started in the Philips Lighting Design and Egineering Centre, Netherlands in 1979 and started my own lighting design practice in 1991 when based in Singapore. Today my practice, Lighting Images International, has offices in Australia, Singapore and China and provide our lighting design services for projects throughout the World with emphasis on the Asia Pacific region.

Why this Blog? Some of you may know my Reflections column in Lighting Today Magazine which is published 4 times a year, with main readership in Asia Pacific. I have writen my articles about trends, happenings, experiences in lighting over the past 5 years, but would like to share my knowledge, observations and experiences in a more dynamic and interactive way, but most of all more instantanously.

However I want to set myself a task as well. I want to reflect daily on something I have observed or experienced that relates to lighting with focus on “green” lighting. And I want to do that initially for one whole year. By blogging about it on a daily basis I want to create awareness about lighting and how we can improve our world with sustainable, renewable and holistic lighting, though at times I may side step to related lighting subjects 🙂

At the end of the year I hope to have compiled an interesting compilation of daily reflections on lighting subjects that can improve our daily lifes. It is a project in progress, it is not an end destination but rather a voyage to the future of lighting. I am not sure what to expect in terms of public reactions, but will welcome them if any and include them in my compilation.

29. October 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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