lighting and destiny

Berlin, Saturday 31st October 2009
As tonight may turn out to be another late night I better post my entry for today now while I am still thinking clear and sober :). For today I would like to reflect on the following: is there destiny in lighting…are somethings meant to be? The thought was triggered when I coincidentally stumbled on to people during lunch break. As you do, you mingle and network, so as I joined a table I was introduced to someone who turned out to be one of the overseas keynote speakers, but more interestingly, the head of a lighting research company we had been aproaching and communicating with for assistance in one of our project. I had no idea he would be at this convention, let alone as one of the key note speakers (I guess I could have if I would have studied the program before arriving, but as always you only do that on the day). So as I introduce myself I mentioned the person I was communicating with upon which he introduced me to his compagnon…yes indeed, the person we had been communicatng with all along! So it felt more then a coincidence….it reinforced straight away my belief that we had made the right choice in contacting them…that we are meant to work together.

On a grander scale, is it a coincidence that the LED technology is taking such enormous steps forward, right at this crucial point in time where we are in desperate need of energy efficient lighting systems to combat global warming? Is n’t it destiny…meant to be? Is there a universe out there that regulates life for us?……

PS: I am not sure about mentioning names as this whole blogging thing is rather new to me, likewise I have no idea of the ramifications of doing so, neither do I know whether the people I meet wish to be mentioned, so for the moment I elect to preserve their privacy. As I progress with this blog I may change this position, probably alos based on feedback that I may receive.

31. October 2009 by Martin Klaasen
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